ADPlist mentorship mina sami

Are you embarking on a journey into the realm of backend development, or perhaps you’re seeking to refine your expertise and take the next big leap in your career? Join me on the ADPlist platform for a transformative mentorship program designed exclusively for you.

What to Expect from our Sessions:

  1. Backend Development Mastery: Dive deep into the world of backend coding with hands-on guidance tailored to your needs. Whether you’re a beginner looking to grasp the essentials or an intermediate coder aiming for proficiency, I’ll share my 16+ years of experience to help you navigate challenges, master tools like PHP (utilizing Symfony & Laravel) and NodeJs (with NestJs), and cultivate best practices.

  2. Charting Your Career Path: Beyond coding, there’s the vast universe of career possibilities. We’ll discuss aligning your passions with opportunities, setting short and long-term goals, and strategies to achieve them. From job roles to the future of backend development, gain insights that’ll shape your career journey.

  3. Mock Interviews: Interviews can be nerve-wracking, but not when you’re well-prepared. Experience real-time simulated interviews to hone your communication skills, receive feedback, and tackle technical questions with confidence.

  4. Decoding Software Architecture: Understand the intricacies of software architecture. With a structured approach, learn to design efficient systems, understand patterns and principles, and make informed decisions that lead to scalable and maintainable solutions.

  5. Portfolio and CV Review: Your portfolio and CV are the gateways to job opportunities. I’ll offer constructive feedback, helping you highlight your strengths, showcase your projects effectively, and craft a CV that stands out in the crowded tech space.

  6. Guiding Graduation Projects: Students, this one’s for you! If you’re in the throes of a graduation project or at the ideation stage, I’m here to mentor you. From discussing potential ideas to guiding project execution, let’s ensure your project not only meets academic criteria but also stands out in the professional realm.

Join me in this exciting mentorship journey on ADPlist. Whether you’re kickstarting your career or aiming for the next big milestone, I’m here to guide, support, and inspire you every step of the way. Let’s craft your success story together!