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How to make use of Makefile to shorthand long commands

I like automation and none repetitive tasks, also, I don’t like to write too much when it comes to handling with cli commands. And, since I work much with docker in my projects, either backend or frontend and specially docker-compose, I spend extra time writing and thinking about the command I would like to run inside my container, so, let’s say I would like to run a simple composer install so this will result in typing

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Tips & tricks: Sync VS-Code extensions list, editor settings and add it to source control.

As a back-end developer, PHP focused, I use PhpStorm as my favorite IDE, because of all its powerful features list, beside that I have my own personal preferred UI customization settings that I apply like color theme, font and code templates. And since it is my personal customization, I use a PhpStorm feature to either sync the settings to my JetBrains account or you can export them and you manage that yourself, and I do that because I have invested a lot of time, finding the perfect font, theme color and settings to increase my productivity with code templates adjustments and make it comfortable for myself and eye since I spend on it a lot of time.

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Managing multiple ssh keys

Usually when joining a new work place you are asked to provide your public ssh key to get access to all the private organization repositories. And after sometime, I came to the conclusion that I want to separate between work and personal ssh keys, and I want to achieve that in an easy, hassle free way from the same computer.

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