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Part 2: Setup a SPA reactjs frontend with hot reloading for development

Previously, in part 1 we went through building a very effective development environment using docker and achieved:

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Part 1: Setup a dockerized Symfony backend app with ReactJs for frontend with hotloading enabled

As part of my work, I need to build backend services and attach it to frontend, and for this I use docker containers docker-compose to make life easier during development.

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How to make use of Makefile to shorthand long commands

I like automation and none repetitive tasks, also, I don’t like to write too much when it comes to handling with cli commands. And, since I work much with docker in my projects, either backend or frontend and specially docker-compose, I spend extra time writing and thinking about the command I would like to run inside my container, so, let’s say I would like to run a simple composer install so this will result in typing

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